July Garden Meeting Notes

Upcoming outings:

August 19th: Rockefeller Greenhouse: meet at Orange Village Community Garden (OVCG) at 9am. We will also visit the gardens on East Boulevard

September 16th: Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens. Meet at OVCG at 9am.

Other upcoming outings: to consider Holden Arboretum, Case Western Reserve – Fairmount, etc.


Please pull weeds in your garden beds and around your garden area on the paths. Otherwise, the weeds will be sprayed. Pulling weeds will reduce the likelihood of having herbicides sprayed in the garden.

Spigots and hoses:

If hoses are hooked up to the common spigots, please share. Anything hooked up to a spigot is considered community use.

Going to seed:

If you plan to allow your plants to go to seed, please use a cloth or nylon bag to collect seeds and prevent them from spreading throughout the garden.

Salute to Orange September 3rd:

Please consider volunteering to help promote the garden to community members.

We may need people to shuttle people over to the garden (maybe in a golf cart if we have permission) and also to be at the garden to give tours and show off the garden. UPDATE: We still need volunteers but we will not be doing tours of the garden. Volunteers are needed to help out with the Salute to Orange at the Village Hall/Fire station. Gardeners who have extra produce to spare are asked to donate produce for a display at the Salute to Orange. Baskets will be donated afterwards.

Tours of Orange Village Community Garden:

If you know of anyone who would like a tour of the OVC garden, please contact a member of the garden club. We also welcome schools and girls and boys organizations to visit our garden. Please let us know what your group would like for us to do to help.

Suggestion for garden pest control:

Japanese Beetles – shake the beetles off of leaves into a jar of soap and water. Or use garlic oil on the plants

Cucumber beetles: some people use seven dust (not organic), others use diamataceous earth (organic, does not harm animals or humans).