Benjamin Franklin Community Garden Tour Saturday, June 24th

Please join us for a tour of Benjamin Franklin Community Garden on Saturday, June 24th. We meet at the Orange Village Community Garden at 9:15am and carpool to the Benjamin Franklin Community Garden at 1805 Tampa Ave, Cleveland, Oh 44109.

The tour is scheduled to last approximately 1 ½ hours, starting at 10am.  This is the first community garden in the USA, founded in 1929. It is also the largest community garden in the state, covering 5 acres and 180 plots.

Garden Meeting Notes

We had a good Orange Village Community Garden Meeting in the garden at 10am this morning. Most gardens are looking great!

Cucumber Beetles have been seen in the garden so it may be a good idea to spray for them early. Some gardeners use Garlic oil or neem oil. Eddie, our local Master Gardener, suggests using a solution of neem oil in water. He uses 1 ounce of neem oil per 1 gallon of water. Some recipes online also suggest adding a small amount of castile soap as well. Another gardener uses homemade garlic oil to deter pests.

Gardeners took a tour of the garden and enjoyed all the beautiful plants gardeners are growing.

A few gardens had tall weeds growing and need to be removed. If you have not visited your garden in a while, please stop by to make sure that there are not weeds growing. Warning letters will be sent soon.

Field Trip: June 17th: we are planning to take a tour of a local garden. More information to come..