Garden Clean up day was a success!

Please take a look at what volunteers accomplished to improve organization  and functionality of the shed and surrounding area!

The shed was cleaned out, repaired and reorganized. The bulletin and dry erase boards were moved to create space for a tool organizer for shovels, rakes, broom, etc..  If you would like to, please add your name to the list of names and plot numbers on the dry erase board so that fellow gardeners can learn your name.

The area surrounding the shed was cleaned up as well. The muddy space behind the shed that had filled up with broken wire cages and muddy tarpes was cleaned. Tarpes were refolded and stacked outside of the shed under a wood base topped with a planter of nasturtiums and lunaria. Wire cages were reshaped and some reused by gardeners and others are stacked inside the front of the garden by the gate.

The area behind the shed was planted with raspberry plants donated by Fred. The berries will be for community use. So if you see berries ready to pick in coming weeks, please take some. Thank you Fred!


Please take any items that are stacked inside the front gate of the garden. Items by the trash are more broken and those on the other side of the gate are in better condition. Please take what you would like by the end of Memorial day. After Memorial Day, the  items will be thrown away.

THANK YOU!   Thank you to everyone who participated in OVCG clean up day!


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