Orange Community Garden Rules and Regulations

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Orange Village Community Garden Rules and Regulations (Updated October 2016)

The Community Garden, consistent with the Codified Ordinances of Orange Village, is under the control of the Service Director. The Service Director is authorized to promulgate the Rules and Regulations governing the use of the Community Garden, subject to the approval by the Mayor. Issues that arise should be taken to the garden committee chairs and who will then consult with the Service Director. A Community Garden Registration form, signature of acceptance of the Rules & Regulations, full payment of required fees and deposits and execution of a Release of all Claims forms must all be completed by a gardener prior to that gardener doing any work in the Garden.


The Orange Village Community Garden governance will consist of the Orange Village Service Director, Garden Coordinator and Assistant Garden Coordinator as well as the following committees:

  •   Administrative Committee
  •   Enforcement Committee
  •   Maintenance Committee
  •   Communication Committee
  •   Social Committee

    The Mayor or Mayor’s designee has authority to make final decisions regarding maintenance, nuisances, and appeals in consultation with the Committee Chairs.

    Committee Chairs will be selected at the first Garden Meeting of each calendar year by those present at the meeting. If there is a vacancy in a Committee Chair, it will be filled at the next Garden Meeting by those present at the meeting. If vacancies have not been filled committees will be combined as determined by the Service Director


  •   Control weeds and overgrowth of plot and surrounding paths. Walking paths are not to be blocked or damaged. Weeds shall not be left in the pathways. Dispose of garden waste in designated areas only
  •   Do not leave hoses charged
  •   Keep shed neat and return all shared tools to shed daily
  •   Be respectful of other gardeners’ produce
  •   Lock garden gate upon leaving to ensure garden remains secure
  •   If you incur a hardship and cannot maintain your plot due to injury or illness, please

    notify the Enforcement Committee Chair or the Maintenance Committee Chair. An effort will be made to help the gardener with volunteers


Enforcement Committee Chair, with the support of the Service Director:


  •   First violation: Notification of infraction with expectation of resolution within TWO WEEKS
  •   Second warning: Notification on continued infraction with expectation of resolution within ONE


  •   Third warning: Notification of continued infraction with expectation of resolution within THREE


  •   If infractions are not corrected as outlined above the appropriate measures will be taken as follows:

o If the infraction involves weed control or plant overgrowth of the garden plot, the plot will be possibly be sprayed with herbicide and the plot will be covered with a tarp

o If the infraction involves paths which are not properly maintained, the Service Director will spray the paths with an herbicide.

Any of the above infractions which are not corrected after three warnings will result in the loss of the gardener’s deposit and garden and gardener will not be allowed to rent a plot in future years without input of the Garden Enforcement Committee Chair and approval of the Service Director

 Appeals may be made to the Garden Enforcement Committee Chair who will make a recommendation to the Service Director for enforcement of infractions. The Service Director will have final authority on enforcement of all infractions


Annual fees are $25.00 plus a deposit $75.00. The Mayor or Mayor’s designee will collect fees and deposits and assign plots to tenants.

Rules and Regulations Page 2

Gardeners that violate any of the above expectations will face the following action at the discretion of the


Existing gardener who is an Orange Village resident
New gardener who is an Orange Village resident
Request for second plot who is an Orange Village resident Non-Orange Village residents

Assignment of Plots:

January 1 – January 13, 2017 January 14 – February 3, 2017 February 4 – February 17, 2017 February 18 – March 3, 2017

  •   Orange Village residents will be given priority over non-residents when requesting location and quantity of plots.
  •   Assignment of plots is at the discretion of the Mayor or Mayor’s designee
  •   Within each time category above, priority will be given on a first come basis with the date/time

    set by the Mayor or Mayor’s designee receiving signed forms and payment of fees.

Rules and Regulations Page 3


  •   At the end of October (weather dependent) the Enforcement Committee Chair along with at

    least one other member of that committee and/or the Service Director will survey the garden

    plots to determine which gardeners will be eligible for a deposit refund.

  •   A notice will be sent to all gardeners regarding their refund status and if they will be eligible to rent a plot for the next year. Gardeners that will be renewing their plots will have their deposit

    rolled over for the next year.

    I ________________________________________, have read and accept the above rules and regulations and agree to abide by the above rules.

    My current email is:___________________________________________________
    My current phone number is:___________________________________________
    □ By checking this box I request to OPT-OUT of email correspondence from other gardeners.

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