Letter from Fred

  • Immediate action item: Please contact Anna Girardi if you would like to have compost from Rid-All. Email by April 28th. Anna’s email: girardia@orangevillage.com

    Fellow Gardeners,
    Since our last monthly garden meeting, as promised, I have met with Damien Forsche, one of the principals of Rid-All Green Partnership to see if an arrangement could be made to buy some of their terrific compost. They are willing to deliver the compost to our garden site at a rate of $35 per cubic yard with a $35 delivery charge. The delivery charge is per load, not per cubic
    yard. In any case, if you are interested in participating in this endeavor, please contact Anna by April 28, 2017 as I would like to complete this order ASAP.
    I have calculated that one cubic yard of compost will give you approximately 1 ¼ inch layer of compost on a 10×20 foot plot and that approximately 4-6 wheel barrels full equals one cubic yard. Therefore, my suggestion is to order one cubic yard of compost per person, unless you would like more.
    Also, please note that the composted horse manure should be delivered shortly. We will be initially limiting the manure to one wheelbarrow full per gardener. We plan to give everyone 7 days to get their first load and if there is any left we will send another email concerning second loads.
    As a reminder to all gardeners, if you plan to store any tools or garden hoses in the shed it will be considered for use by all. If you do not want your items shared with others, please bring them home. Garden hoses that are attached to a water outlet are considered to be able to be used by all. The hoses, of course, should be re-coiled or put back neatly where they belong. Please do not leave hoses in the paths as that would constitute a safety hazard.
    Fred Rosenberg

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