April Orange Village Community Garden Meeting Notes

Garden Meeting:

Held the first Saturday of every month at the garden on warmer days or in the village hall on other days. Please join us when you can to discuss garden plans, activities, tips, etc. Please join us if you can!


Manure will be delivered to the garden. Every gardener is asked to only take one or two wheel barrow’s full for their plots.


Please take home anything you stored over the winter. We want to have a shed clean up day, and it will be easier for us if everyone removes personal items that were stored for the winter. If you wish to leave it for your use and that of other gardeners, then it is ok to leave it. If you do not wish for others to use it, please take it home or store it on your plot.

Personal and community items:

All items in the shed or in community areas of the garden will be considered available for community use, even if brought in by a gardener. If you do not want anyone to use the item (tool, hose, fertilizer, cart, , etc), please keep the item on your plot or take it home when you are finished with it. If a hose is connected to the water source, it will be considered available for community use. Otherwise, please unhook it after use and store on your plot. Hoses and tools are not supplied by Orange Village, so we always appreciate when people bring items to share.

Shed Clean up day:

Please join us for Shed clean up day on May 20th from 9am to noon. Rain date is May 21st.

Garden Socials:

Once the weather is warm enough, every Friday from 6-8pm will be a garden social in the community garden. Come and garden and socialize. Bring snacks or drinks if you like. We look forward to meeting with you!

Field Trips in the planning stages:

Possible field trip locations we are currently considering are: Holden Arboretum visit and picnic, Ohio State Extension Community Garden, Cleveland Community Gardens, Huff neighborhood Garden and Winery, Community Garden near W. 25th and Lutheran Hospital, Rid-All Green Partnership.  More to come…

Labor Day Weekend Salute  (September) to Orange Garden visits:

We plan to have a Orange Village Community Garden Open House during the Salute to Orange in September. Gardeners can show off their harvest, and we can show off the beauty of the garden. More details to come…

Garden Etiquette:

Please keep pathways clean of materials or weeds. To ensure a nice experience for everyone, this will be enforced.

Need Leaf Hummus, Wood chips, or logs?:

You can sign up for delivery of leaf hummus, wood chips, or logs to your home in Orange Village on the Orange Village web site.

Garden Tours:

If you have a group of children, from a school, scout troop, birthday party or other group, and you would like for them to have a garden tour, we would love for them to visit the OVCG. Please let us know how we can help!

Blog posts:

If you would like to contribute to the blog, please let us know.

Garden Committees:

Please let us know if you would like to join one of the garden committees:

Communication Committee: Eddy and Arian

Social Committee: Julie. We could use another volunteer.

Administration Committee: Lisa and Fred

Service Committee: Bob Zugan

Thank you everyone. Please join us at a garden meeting or find us in the garden if you have any comments.

Happy Gardening at Orange Village Community Garden!


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