March 2017 Garden Meeting Notes

Hello Orange Village Community Garden Gardeners! Garden meetings will again be held every 1st Saturday of the month at 10am at the garden or Orange Village Community Hall, depending on the weather. We have productive and fun meetings, planning events and activities in the community garden. We often share information and tips. Please join us if you can! Here are some topics we discussed:


Rid All compost will be purchased and split among gardeners interested. Stay tuned.

Horse Manure:

Will be ordered or donated and picked up and delivered to the garden for graders to use in their community garden plots. Each gardener is limited to 1-2 wheel barrows full so that everyone gets some.

Leaf Hummus:

More will be delivered to the garden this year – in the bin just outside the garden.

Garden improvements for this year:

The fence is being repaired, and two new raised beds added this year to accommodate more gardeners.

Gardeners maintenance reminder:

Please remember to pull weeds in your plot (before they bolt) and also from the path around your beds.

Upcoming Maintenance Gathering planned:

A clean up day will be organized to clean up the shed and area around the shed. Volunteers

Plant Sales:

Cuyahoga Community College holds a garden sale every year in their green house.

Brockville Ohio Extension holds a plant sale.

We will post information and dates for upcoming sales that we are aware of.

Recipe for insect control:

A gardener shared this recipe for insect control: 2 TBSP garlic oil to 1 quart of water. Keep it in the refrigerator and use it to spray on plants to deter insect pests naturally.

do not eat this recipe; the oil creates an anaerobic environment, and it is best not to eat it in case there could be clostridium botulinum that grows in the anaerobic environment to produce botulism toxin)

Need Garden Help while on vacation or other reason?

Please contact Arian Smith or anyone on the garden committees, because we know of some young people who are available to volunteer.  They can help weed or water when you are unable to visit the garden. Please let us know in advance.




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