Master Gardener Tip: Neem Oil

A Gardening Tip from our own Master Gardener Eddy: Neem Oil to naturally control plant pests.

Eddy suggests using natural, non-toxic Neem Oil to control insects that may harm your garden plants. Neem oil is a natural pesticide made from the seeds of the neem tree.

According to the National Pesticide Information Center: “Neem oil is practically non-toxic to birds, mammals, bees and plants. Neem oil is slightly toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms. Azadirachtin, a component of neem oil, is moderately toxic to fish and other aquatic animals. It is important to remember that insects must eat the treated plant to be killed. Therefore, bees and other pollinators are not likely to be harmed.” Source:

Neem Oil is diluted in water, often with castle soap to help emulsify, and then is prayed directly onto affected plants. Hot water helps it go into solution. Make fresh each time!

Here are two YouTube videos on how to dilute neem oil and how it helps control insects.

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