Garden Meeting Notes: Saturday, May 7th

Attendance was great!

Fourteen garden members attend this morning’s meeting. Here are a few items we discussed.

We have four garden committees, 1) Social Committee, 2) Communications Committee, 3) Maintenance Committee, and 4) Enforcement Committee. Below are a updates from the committees. Committees would love to have more members join! They are just getting started!

Social Committee:

May 28th (see flyer posted below): We are excited to announce to the Orange Village Community Garden Open House from 2-3pm. Please join us whether you are a seasoned gardener, a new gardener, or you just have an interest in what the garden is about!

Upcoming field trips being planned (more information and dates to follow):

  1. Rid-All Green Partnership greenhouses and operation tour
    1. 0n a Saturday morning in June -possibly carpool from the Village Hall.
    2. Video link about Rid-All: 
  2. Western Reserve Land Conservancy:
  3. Holden Arboretum:
  4. Cultural Garden at The Rockefeller – including the city green house

Communications Committee. Find us on social media:

  1. Email:
    1. please email if you would like to be included in garden emails
  2. Blog:
    1. visit the site when you desire or “follow” the blog, and receive email updates when new content is published
  3. Facebook: orange village community garden

If you would like to share pictures of your garden, tips, resources, etc, or if there are topics that you would like to read about on our blog, please let us know!

Maintenance Committee

The Maintenance Committee plans to organize work days when volunteers can help with garden upkeep, such as cleaning or staining the shed, etc.

Hardship help: If a gardener is experiencing a hardship, such as an illness, injury, or other situation that prevents full participation in gardening, please let us know, and we can find people to temporarily help with upkeep.

Enforcement Committee

To ensure a beautiful community garden experience for all gardeners and the community this year, rules such as keeping garden plots and walkways weeded are being enforced. Please help us keep up the beauty of the garden by weeding  your plot and walkway.

Bulletin Board Kiosk

A covered kiosk style bulletin board will be installed at the garden to improve communication. If some has extra produce or materials to share,  they can post there.

Garden meetings: 1st Saturday of each month 10-11am at Village Hall!

We all enjoyed catching up and sharing information. Please join us in the future!

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