Free Raspberry and Blackberry Runners!

Fred would be happy to have other gardeners remove runners from his raspberry and blackberry plants to add to their gardens.  They must be picked up by May 8th because he wants to thin his plants by then. His garden plot is B10, which is the plot just to the left of the shed – see photo below. IMG_2403Here are his instructions for removing the runners:

Take a bulb planter and go over the runner which will surgically remove a clean plug of dirt with the runner intact and at the same time cut the root from the parent plant.

Raspberry plants: take only the small runners please:

Blackberry plants: take only the runners please:

IMG_2407Thank you Fred for your generosity! What a wonderful way to start off the season!

If any of you have anything  you would like to share with your fellow gardeners, please email us at Stay tuned for more events, updates, and giveaways!

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